Monday, May 2, 2011

M(ay)NVC 2011

3 out of 5 Mondays are vinyl club in May. The odds are stacked in your favor. Bonus nights at Trophy Bar, Syacmore, and Bar 4.

Mon 5/2
MNVC #41
Sycamore Bar & Flowershop

[eclectic. you bring it you spin it]
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Wed 5/4
NSTT: Come On In The Water's Warm
Trophy Bar

[Doppler spins solo all night in a gluttonous vinyl rampage]


Tues 5/10
Sycamore Bar & Flowershop

[jazz & experimental w/dj Stage Fright, Impose Selector, and Diamond Don]


Mon 5/16
MNVC #42: Punk & Grunge
The Bell House


It was a frosty evening, 11/10/08, when Monday Night Vinyl Club was born at a newly opened Gowanus venue. Ah memories.... sigh, all things must pass. Join guest hosts Noah Lyons and Matty Kaukeinen in a noisy, celebratory send off. Also... Doppler's birthday!


Thurs 5/19
Bar 4

[soul, funk, jazz, hiphop w/Sean Qualls & Brian Braiker]


Mon 5/23
MNVC #43
Last Exit

Since Double Windsor is still offline sorting out their sound-system, it seems an opportune time to explore a neighborhood classic; the Atlantic Avenue mainstay- Last Exit.

[eclectic. you bring it you spin it]

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