Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vinyl Club #79 --- Taipei Debut

In October of 2012 DJ Doppler and DJ Stage Fright brought Vinyl Club's antics and their records across the Pacific Ocean to Taiwan. Records may be harder to come by (and more expensive $$$) in Taipei, but records lovers are more devote then ever. What better joint to host the club then Taipei's most rocking Revolver bar.

 Some things never change, and for the best.



 A number system was invented to bridge language barriers.

75% of all expats in Taiwan are in fact DJs

Not a laser disc.

 Electronics in Taiwan are sweeet.

 DJ stereotype

 Soon to be regular, BB, of Bass Kitchen

 And Faith was there!!

 Praise Mick

And all the pretty girls know DJs are fun.

Keep your finger on the prize

Revolver Bar, open to the street for all to hear.