Thursday, January 28, 2010

MNVC #16 - 2/8/10 - Bell House

Get your turntable Democracy on.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday Night Vinyl Club #15 Action Pix

Jackie's 5th Amendment in Brooklyn.

Donations were taken for Haiti, the Red Cross thanks you.

The brown "rec" room in the back automatically makes everyone 55 years old.

Regular Vinyl Club activities.

New sign as the walkabout Brooklyn begins.

DJ Birthday Boy

My camera wears beer goggles.

It was fun, even if the pictures don't show it.

After hours on Ocean Parkway with this wild little fur ball.

What will man make next?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monday Night Vinyl Club #15 MLK

Monday Night Vinyl Club #15 MLK Day
You Bring it You Spin it
Jackie's 5th Amendment @ 404 5th Ave & 7th St
7 pm - 1 am

We start the long orbit around our beloved Bell House; tracing the song lines in and throughout, in a quest to answer the eternal question -- what is the meaning of vinyl?
Bring your answers and vinyl to Monday Night Vinyl Club to discuss in the company of friends, music lovers, and co-hosts Dj Doppler & Dj Okay.

[Chapter One - Baby Steps]

Located just three avenues east from The Bell House (along 7th St), Jackie's is a 5th Ave institution (legend has, it's been around for over 75 years). RIYL cheap whiskey and buckets 'o' frosty beer. Slap Chris on the back and buy him a drink, or just slap him. Its his birthday!

We will be taking donations for Haitian earthquake relief, 100% proceeds to the Red Cross.