Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Night Vinyl Club #14 Action Pix

A Sunny Day in Glasgow, excellent taste in music and holiday spirited.

Amy's Christmas album gems.

Vinyl Club 2009, happy holidays. Photo by Sam.

Ben and Annie from A Sunny Day in Glasogow,
they picked out the Beach Boys.

ho ho hoop.


Naomi is excited about that pinball machine under the exit sign.

Dancing did not stop, this moment care
of Das Racist Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Brett brought the Santa beard on a stick, The Bell House had a tricky new mixer, Naomi brought the ginger spice cookies, but A Sunny Day in Glasgow brought the dance party for sure! Merry times were had by all. Plus, hold tight, The Bell House now has a pin ball machine!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

ASDiG + KKDD = Shoot up Crew / MNVC > ??

KKDD's first show 2005 @ Snoozer Loser Color War Glasslands in Brooklyn

Some of you have received invitations and flyers announcing that King Kong Ding Dong will DJ with A Sunny Day in Glasgow on Monday December 14th. With or without KKDD mastermind Steve Ice this is true. Medium-mind Ben Daniels (of ASDiG) is a founding member of KKDD. ASDiG branched out from KKDD around 2006 maintaining harmonious connections.

It was confirmed by text message (Saturday night!) that more members of KKDD will try to get to Monday's Vinyl Club adding a possible third and more complex layer to MNVC. Steve and Ben DJing together reunites The Shoot Up Crew (and Strap On Your Jammy Pack?) DJ team. What could be greater? Answer, the whirlwind dance party that follows. Please join in the since-high school antics and high jinks. Other confirmations include Christmas cookies, record swapping, Doppler's mighty crate of trance, still waiting on Tastee Cakes to offer sponsorship.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Sunny Day in Gowanus Holiday Record Swap MNVC #14

Friends, ginger bread, new records, beer, sequined holiday sweaters, a larger than life projection of burning logs are the meaning of the holidays at
Bell House on Monday. Its Vinyl Club's way of say we care when Hanukkah and Christmas come around. A Sunny Day in Glasgow will be tobogganing down the big Brooklyn hill to spend the evening with us, spinning their favorite songs, and maybe reading us a Christmas tale. Please bring your old records to swap for new ones.

Monday 12/14/09 @ the Bell House Frontier Room in Gowanus Brooklyn from 8 pm to 2 am. Freezing, kidding I mean FREE.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vinyl Still Not Dead: Reads Headline

The New York Times reports that sales of vinyl and turntables has been increased despite the death of cds. I would like to credit the members of Vinyl Club, though the Times article brushes us off for a video game. A good assortment of other media sources are paying attention to Monday Night Vinyl Club, and thereby helping vinyl's perpetual rotation: Brooklyn Vegan, Brooklyn Vol 1, IMPOSE, AV Club, Music Maven Shirley Brah, Our Fair City's Photographer Sam Horrine, Metromix, Brooklyn Paper, Eventful, Going, even the NY POST.