Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Time Monday Night Vinyl Club December

We like when it gets cold. Reason to stay inside and listen to music in the company of other esteemed collectors is the highlight of an otherwise cold and dreary day. PLUS WE ARE BACK AT BELL HOUSE THIS MONTH. That's right, you asked (complained really) and you got it. And Monday Night Vinyl Club is there for good reason:

Monday Night Vinyl Club goes home to The Bell House December 12th to present a "you bring it & you spin it" vinyl post party for proto-punk lords Rocket from the Tombs featuring guest DJs Dan Selzer (Acute Records) + Nate the K (Burn it Down). Hosted by Stage Fright (Naomi Donabedian).

MNVC #60 ..... Rocket From the Tombs Post Party

8 pm .............. You bring it, you spin it open deck vinyl DJing.

10 pm ............. Featured DJs Dan Selzer + Nate the K play proto-punk / no wave / punk vinyl.

11:30 .............. More you bring it, you spin it vinyl DJing.

December 12th @ The Bell House in the Frontier Room.


....................... Details.......................

About the Featured DJS
Dan and Nate met at Oberlin College, not far from Cleveland and had a band called Jaguar Ride. Now Dan reissues post-punk records on his label Acute while Nate DJ's his party "Burn it Down" and scribbles for Dusted Magazine and other music sites.

About Monday Night Vinyl Club
Presenting a potluck of sounds with BYOV (V stands for vinyl) DJ parties since 2008 across Brooklyn. More details on Facebook.


--||--||---> Monday Night Vinyl Club #58 <---||--||--
December 5th, 2011
8p - 12a
At Sycamore Bar and Flowershop
in Ditmas Park, Broolyn
(DJs choice)


--||--||--->Wednesday Night Vinyl Club #59 <---||--||--
Holiday Bonanza
8p - 12a
December 7th, 2011
At The Double Windsor
in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
Also Free
(5 song sets + Christmas/Hanuka Music)

Check us on Facebook for more opportunities to sit in a bar/venue and hear vinyl records played.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Monday Night Vinyl Club

It's easier to remember few dates and times, so lets just make this easy. There will be 2 chances to spin your own vinyl this month. Look at Facebook to hear more of your favy-fave djs spin at respectable joints such as: Bar 4, Sycamore, and Trophy Bar. See you then.

p.s. Check out this nice write up Monday Night Vinyl Club got in the Brooklyn Paper.

--||--||---> Monday Night Vinyl Club #56 <---||--||--
You bring it, you spin it: an all you can hear buffet of music and vinyl potluck hosted by Stage Fright (Naomi).
Monday November 7th, 8pm - 12 am (or later, or until we say so)
--||--||---> Monday Night Vinyl Club #57 <---||--||--
You bring it, you spin it: 5 song sets hosted by Chris and Amy.
Monday November 21tst, 8pm - 12 am