Monday, August 19, 2013

100! We did it!

A cake for the grand centennial

Who knew 5 years ago that Vinyl Club would make it all the way to 100 editions*. It took a ton of broken headphones, needles, messy mixers, too-short extension cords, 15 bars (that we can remember) across 2 continents and millions of scratchy records but we made. What's more is we made it with YOU, yes you the participant. We met some pretty sweet djs who showed up and knocked off our socks, and we also helped launch some pretty wild djs too. We care about everyone of you who have hovered over the decks. Keep in touch and thank you!

*Note: Is the 100th edition? For all we know that was 3 weeks ago, or is really 7 from now. We aren't great at counting.
Founding father of records, Brett, scratches up the vinyl cake.

 Girls literally screamed when they tasted the cake. 

 Regular Taipei member, Chris.

 Semi-regular member, Josh

 Forever-member Naomi

 Paul too!