Saturday, March 27, 2010

Black Tambourine Listening Party Action Pix

A listening party is hard work. You have to stand by
the turntable for nearly 20 minutes waiting to play the b side.

Another one of those events where 2 hours before the start everything sort of slips apart. I'm over it people. The show goes on, and everything gels. Beer and really good music helps, so do a few friends. So goes the nightlife. We had fun. Extra thanks to Volume 1 Brooklyn for joining us.

Sign up sheet for the free records and a diet coke. Party hard.

Faith (my best vinyl club friend) framed by 2 smiling faces.

Jason (Vol 1 host) and Andy (Cake Shop business man). Both like Slumberland.

Winner: Nick. He's from DC area, which made him
extra excited about the BT album.

Winner: Esy. Couldn't be more surprised.

Winner: Amanda. Don't think these people were here for
the listening party per se. They all agreed they liked the album
and signed up regardless.

Winner: Aaron. to quote Aaron upon winning, "This is the best
thing that's happened to me."

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